Grip on content and scrolling behaviours.

Grip on content and scrolling behaviours.

In the rapidly expanding world of social media, it's becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. With people continuously scrolling through cluttered news feeds across multiple social media platforms, it's becoming harder to capture a customer's attention through targeted content. However, keeping some simple points in mind while curating the content for your social media page will help you gain higher traction on your social pages.


The best way of upping your social media game is to elevate the quality of images and video used in your brand communication. Aesthetics are a huge part of setting public perception of a brand and using design schemes that are relatable to your audience will yield better results on digital platforms. Quantity is secondary. If you have the appropriate quality then posting less often is recommended to let your content get more of a chance to gain traction online.


There's a vast selection of platforms to showcase your brand or story online and don't forget that people tend to use platforms more relevant to their interests, for example, avid fans of video games use Twitch as well as YouTube, music fanatics live their lives on Soundcloud and other online music streaming platforms and photographers and content focused individuals spend time on Pinterest and Instagram. The focus here needs to be profiling your followers and aligning the platforms you use with them. You DON'T have to be everywhere, just where most your followers will be.

Majid Jawad
Grip on content and scrolling behaviours.

ENGAGE & RELATE Social media started with the goal of connecting people and it's still the basis of being relevant online. Capturing people's attention online by getting them to view, understand and RESPOND or REACT to your content is the best way of creating a brand identity resulting in a higher brand recall value. To get those fingers typing requires the content to be relatable to a wider audience. To do this you need to behave like your following. Follow accounts they follow, engage them through different SOURCES. Provide your audience with what is RELEVANT to them, give them a COMPELLING reason to share the content and REWARD them for engaging with you. Achieving this will keep that audience coming back for more.


While your news feed is constantly updating take a minute to step back and look at the bigger picture. While it's important to keep progressing by creating new content, it is extremely important to identify what types of content are getting high levels of engagement on the platforms on which you wish to be relevant. Check out that trending section as often as possible. You'll find out fast enough what types of content are starting conversations online for you to be a part of, and yes, TAKING PART is how you're going to get people talking TO & ABOUT YOU, spreading awareness.


It's easy to get excited when you find an idea that is trending online tempting you to jump on the bandwagon to try and get traction to your profile. However, this is just being part of the herd that follows. to truly stand out, you need to begin by aligning your thought process with how to adopt the idea and deliver it in your own way. Don't just repost something for the sake of doing it to show that you're there. Provide the story and insight they the people who follow you are expecting from you - they follow you to hear your thoughts, opinions, and reactions to the trending topicswhenever they occur. There is no rule telling us the best way to maximize traction on social media but one thing becomes evidently clear to those who work in content marketing: know your customer. Interact and engage directly with them. Don't do things that will go unnoticed and constantly be proactively giving them content they want to engage with.

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